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ADHD is awesome : a guide to (mostly) thriving with ADHD
You live in a world that wasn't designed for you. A world where you're expected to sit still, stay quiet, and focus. Because of the way your brain is wired, you can feel like you<U+2019>re failing at life. But you are not failing. You are awesome. Award-winning content creators Kim and Penn Holderness are on a mission to reboot how we think about the unfortunately named "attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder." As always, they are doing it by looking in the mirror, because they don't just study ADHD; they live it. Penn was in college when he was diagnosed with ADHD, although the signs of having a brain that worked just a little bit differently had been there since he was a kid. Rather than view the diagnosis as a curse or give in to feelings of inadequacy or failure, he took a different approach, one that he wants to share with fellow ADHDers and the people who care about them. Drawing on their often-hilarious insights and the expertise of doctors, researchers, and specialists; Kim and Penn provide fun, easy-to-digest advice and explanations, including: What it's actually like to live with an ADHD brain; How to find humor in the pitfalls, sob stories, and unbelievable triumphs (like the time they won The Amazing Race!) that come with ADHD; How to tackle the challenges ADHD presents with a positive outlook; Targeted tools and techniques to play to your unique strengths; Fun extras like ADHD Bingo, an ode to cargo pants, and what the world would look like if ADHDers were in charge. Take it from Penn: Having ADHD can be scary, but it comes with incredible upsides, including creativity, hyperfocus, and energy. You might even say it's kind of awesome. Whether you have ADHD or want to support someone else in their journey, this is the guide you need to make the life you want. -- Amazon.
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xxvii, 292 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Harper Horizon,
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[New York, NY] : Harper Horizon, [2024]

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