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The opposite of falling apart
What's the point of pretending nothing has changed when everything has? It's the last summer before college, and Jonas Avery knows he should be excited. Instead, he hides out at home, avoiding his friends, his family, and everything that resembles his old life. Because nothing will be normal again--because of The Accident, when everything started falling apart. Brennan Davis knows she needs to stand up and face her anxiety--the deep, dark, debilitating dread that rules her everyday life. Because what stops her from going out into the world and just living is going to get a whole lot worse. She's leaving for college in the fall, where she'll be confronted with even more to worry about. When Jonas crashes into Brennan--in a harmless, albeit embarrassing fender bender--the two teens connect in ways they never expected. As friends, they help each other overcome their biggest falls and faults, and soon discover that while love can't fix everything, it's sometimes a place to start.
First Wattpad Books edition.
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418 pages ; 22 cm
Wattpad Books,
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Toronto, ON : Wattpad Books, 2020.
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