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An ordinary magic
A new sorcerer has moved into La Croix, upsetting the tranquility of the other otherwise idyllic Caribbean fishing village. But Panon, the town's priest, can't afford to waste time wondering about the newcomer. He needs to concentrate on fixing his relationship with his son Jaime, who has been called by Dela Luamba, a powerful spirit, to join the church. The problem? Jaime doesn't believe in magic or the spirits anymore. To protect his son from a potentially terrible punishment, Panon must hide the truth from Dela while he tries to make everything right. But when Panon trades for a bit of magic guaranteed to help Jaime believe again, everything goes horribly wrong, turning Panon's world upside down. Drawn into an epic struggle of good versus evil with the mysterious sorcerer, Panon, Jaime and the whole town must battle the walking dead, malicious spirits and potent Voodoo. It's up to Panon to discover the only power capable of saving his son--and redeeming himself. An Ordinary Magic is a fast-paced, entertaining and thought-provoking work of literary magic realism.
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Dime Novel Books,
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[U.S.A.] : Dime Novel Books, 2015.
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