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The bloated belly whisperer : see results within a week, and tame digestive distress once and for all
Bloating, digestive discomfort, abdominal pressure-- thousands of people are searching for practical solutions for relief. Freuman outlines a program for eliminating uncomfortable bloat. She helps readers identify specific needs and find the right treatment. By asking your doctor the right questions, you will speed up a proper diagnosis and create a dietary remedy you can life with.-- Adapted from jacket.
First edition.
Every unhappy belly is unhappy in its own way: the many ways to be bloated -- How to use this book and diagnostic quiz (don't skip this chapter!) -- The "food baby" twins: gastroparesis and dyssynergia -- The sour stomach bloat: classic indigestion -- The distressed but not distended bloat: functional dyspepsia -- The belchiest bloat of all: aerophagia -- The backed-up bloat: constipation-related bloating -- The bacterial bloat: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) -- The gassy gut: bloating by way of carbohydrate intolerances -- Malabsorptive bloating: celiac disease and pancreatic insufficiency -- Flexing fiber to your advantage -- The GI gentle diet -- The low FODMAP diet -- A field guide to digestive support supplements for bloating.
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With 50 recipes from former Bon Appétit editor and cookbook author Kristine KiddBloating: ugh. About the most common complaint they get from patients, according to gastroenterologists. But Tamara Duker Freuman, a highly trained and sought-after nutritionist, knows something many doctors don't: every unhappy belly is unhappy in its own way. That's why Tamara's clients call her "The Bloated Belly Whisperer," and for good reason--for many years she's successfully helped her clients accurately describe their symptoms, and find a course of treatment that delivers rapid and lasting relief.In this book, Tamara guides readers through the same steps she would use in a consultation, first with a quiz to help them hone in on their specific symptoms, and then by discussing the latest research and patient stories to offer dozens of solutions that will reduce abdominal bloating in a week or less by:· Helping identify the specific cause of bloating · Equiping readers with the right terminology and questions to take to their next doctor's visit · Teaching the most effective dietary remedies for each particular brand of bloating· Laying out the tools and healthy practices to end abdominal distress and bloating once and for all

Author Notes

Tamara Duker Freuman, RN, CDN, MS is a nationally-known expert in digestive health and medical nutrition therapy for gastrointestinal diseases. In addition to her clinical work, Tamara is a high-profile nutrition writer whose advice is read by hundreds of thousands of people each month in publications including U.S. News & World Report's eat + run blog where she is a contributor, and its syndicates, MSN Health, and Yahoo! Health. She lives in Nyack, NY with her husband and twin children.

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Freuman, a registered dietitian nutritionist, presents a comprehensive and information-packed study of belly bloat (a distended belly or uncomfortable feeling of fullness) and possible causes. Cribbing from Tolstoy, she observes, "Every unhappy belly is unhappy in its own way." To wit, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to bloating (a symptom, not a medical condition). In part one, Freuman provides a useful diagnostic quiz to helps readers determine which of 10 common causes is at fault. In parts two and three, she addresses "upper-abdominal bloating that originates in the stomach" (e.g., classic indigestion and functional dyspepsia) and "lower-abdominal bloating that originates in the intestines" (e.g., constipation and small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Part four goes over helpful diets, including a GI gentle diet and a low-FODMAP diet (specifically useful for conditions causing intestinal gassiness), and 50 "belly-friendly" recipes. Freuman clearly explains how each ailment is diagnosed and treated, while cautioning that her book isn't intended as a substitute for working with a knowledgeable gastroenterologist. With candor (to her dyspepsia clients, she notes, "Your days of chugging beer are over") and science-based expertise, Freuman offers invaluable information for readers suffering from a range of debilitating digestive issues. Agent: Carole Bidnick, Bidnick & Co. (Dec.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Part I Introduction
1 Every Unhappy Belly Is Unhappy in Its Own Way: The Many Ways to Be Bloatedp. 3
2 How to Use This Book and Diagnostic Quiz (Don't Skip This Chapter!)p. 10
Part II Upper-Abdominal Bloating That Originates in the Stomach
3 The "Food Baby" Twins: Gastroparesis and Dyssynergiap. 23
4 The Sour Stomach Bloat: Classic Indigestionp. 45
5 The Distressed but Not Distended Bloat: Functional Dyspepsiap. 55
6 The Belchiest Bloat of All: Aerophagiap. 69
Part III Lower-Abdominal Bloating That Originates in the Intestines
7 The Backed-Up Bloat: Constipation-Related Bloatingp. 79
8 The Bacterial Bloat: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)p. 101
9 The Gassy Gut: Bloating by Way of Carbohydrate Intolerancesp. 118
10 Malabsorptive Bloating: Celiac Disease and Pancreatic Insufficiencyp. 135
Part IV Dietary Remedies for Bloating
11 Flexing Fiber to Your Advantagep. 151
12 The Gl Gentle Dietp. 161
13 The Low-FODMAP Dietp. 200
14 A Field Guide to Digestive Support Supplementsp. 248
Sourcesp. 301
Indexp. 311