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Ukulele for dummies
Presents an introduction to playing the ukulele, discussing such topics as chords, strumming, fingerpicking, and different genres and styles, along with advice on selecting and caring for an instrument.
General Note:
First edition published 2011.
2nd edition.
Exploring the ukulele -- Tuning up to sound great -- Discovering how to handle your ukulele -- Playing your first ukulele chords and songs -- Drumming up more strumming patterns -- Meeting the chords and their families -- Getting to grips with tabs and notation -- Discovering fingerpicking patterns -- Combining melodies and chords when playing solo -- Picking up some soloing techniques -- Rocking out with your ukulele -- Playing the blues to lift your spirits -- Saying 'aloha' to the Hawaiian style -- Jazzing up your uke playing -- Strumming up the Jawaiian style -- Getting classy : classical masterpieces for ukulele -- Ukuleing the holidays -- Weighing up your options when buying a ukulele -- Splashing out on essentials and accessories -- Restringing, maintaining, and adjusting your uke -- Ten ukulele players to know -- Ten ways to get involved in the ukulele scene -- Ten (or so) tips for improving your playing -- Ten greatest ukulele chords.
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xv, 312 pages : illustrations, music ; 24 cm
John Wiley & Sons,
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Chichester, England : John Wiley & Sons, 2015

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