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Lady Chatterley's lover
One of the most controversial books ever written, and still one of the sexiest. Both the most famous and the most damaging works of D.H. Lawrence's career, Lady Chatterley's lover is a story mainly concerning female desire and sexual satisfaction -- one of the first books to realise the importance of these things. Largely condemned for being explicit, the book was banned after a trial, and that made people all the more keen to get their hands on a copy in the 60s, when it was THE book to be seen reading. Lady Chatterley's husband is paralysed in the war, and therefore cannot satisfy her sexually. Encouraged by him to seek fulfillment in another, she embarks upon a passionate and confusing affair with the groundskeeper, which is both steamy and dangerous for both of them.
Grade Range: Grade 9 - Grade 12.
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