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Great battles of the ancient world
Hollywood has gone to elaborate lengths to recreate the violence and mayhem of ancient warfare in movies, but what were ancient battles really like? What weapons, tactics, armor, training, and logistics were used? What were the crucial factors that could turn the tide of battle, giving one side victory and consigning the other to slaughter, capture, or, at best, escape to fight another day? These lectures examine some of the most notable battles fought in the Mediterranean region from prehistoric times to the 4th century A.D., scrutinizing those few hours that determined the fates of empires.
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Course guidebook includes professor biography, statement of course scope, lecture outlines and notes, timeline, glossary, biographical notes, and bibliography.
Why study battles? What is war? ; The problem of warfare's origins ; Sumer, Akkad, and early Mesopotamian warfare ; Egyptian warfare from the Old to New Kingdoms ; The battles of Megiddo and Kadesh ; The Trojan war and Homeric warfare -- The Assyrian war machine ; The sieges of Lachish and Jerusalem ; A peculiar institution? Hoplite warfare ; The battle of Marathon ; The battle of Thermopylae ; Naval warfare and the battle of Salamis.

The Athenian expedition to Sicily ; The march of the ten thousand ; Macedonian military innovations ; Alexander's conquest of Persia ; The legions of Rome ; The battles of Cannae and Zama -- Legion versus phalanx: Six pitched battles ; The sieges of Alesia and Masada ; Caesar's world war ; The battle of the Teutoburg Forest ; Catastrophe at Adrianople ; Reflections on warfare in the ancient world.
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